Vacuum Insulated Glass

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Vacuum insulated glass, or VIG, enhances energy efficiency with two glass panes separated by a vacuum or gas-filled space. It minimizes heat transfer and noise, ideal for modern buildings, windows, and doors.

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Investing in our vacuum insulated glass is a smart choice for those who value energy efficiency, durability, and superior performance. Upgrade your windows today and start enjoying the benefits of our advanced vacuum insulated glass technology.In addition to its energy-saving and noise-reducing properties, our vacuum insulated glass is also highly customizable. Choose from a variety of glass types, thicknesses, coatings, and framing options to fit your specific needs and design preferences.

Parameter Value
Glass layers Vacuum insulated glass consists of two or more glass layers separated by a vacuum-sealed cavity.
Thickness 3mm – 12mm
Air gap 6mm – 20mm
Thermal conductivity From 0.6 to 1.2 W/mK.
Sound insulation 30 – 50 dB.
Frame material aluminum, PVC, and wood,etc.


Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

Building construction: VIG is an excellent solution for energy-efficient building construction. It can be used in windows, doors, skylights, and curtain walls to reduce heat transfer, improve thermal insulation, and enhance sound insulation. This makes VIG ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings, including high-rise buildings and green buildings.

Automotive industry: VIG is also used in the automotive industry for car windows, windshields, and sunroofs. VIG provides better thermal insulation and reduces the amount of solar radiation that enters the car, resulting in better fuel efficiency and improved passenger comfort.




Q: What is vacuum insulated glass?

A: Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) is a high-performance glass product that consists of two or more glass panes separated by a vacuum-sealed cavity. The vacuum-sealed cavity creates an insulating barrier that significantly reduces heat transfer and noise transmission.

Q: What are the benefits of using vacuum insulated glass?

A: VIG provides several benefits, including improved thermal insulation, enhanced sound insulation, reduced energy consumption, and improved comfort. It can also reduce condensation and minimize the risk of moisture-related damage.

Q: How does vacuum insulated glass work?

A: The vacuum-sealed cavity in VIG creates an insulating barrier that reduces heat transfer through the glass. The vacuum eliminates the air and gas molecules that conduct heat, leaving only the glass panes as the conductive materials. This results in superior thermal insulation and improved energy efficiency.

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