Sandblasted Tempered Glass

Sandblasted Tempered Glass is a specialized glass product that combines the strength of tempered glass with a frosted or etched appearance achieved through sandblasting. Tempered glass undergoes a heat treatment process for increased strength and safety. Sandblasting adds a decorative touch by creating a frosted or textured surface, often used in architectural and interior design applications such as doors, windows, partitions, and signage. Sandblasted tempered glass offers both durability and an elegant, customized appearance.

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Sandblasted tempered glass is a type of glass that has been treated with a sandblasting process to create a frosted, matte finish. The glass is first tempered, which involves heating it to a high temperature and then rapidly cooling it to increase its strength and durability. After this, the glass is subjected to a sandblasting process, which involves blasting sand or other abrasive materials at high pressure onto the glass surface. This creates a frosted, matte finish that diffuses light and provides privacy. Sandblasted tempered glass is commonly used in applications such as shower doors, partitions, windows, and decorative glass features. It is also known for its resistance to scratches, impact, and thermal stress.

Parameter Value
Glass Type Clear or tinted
Glass Thickness 2mm – 25mm (customizable)
Surface Finish Deep Processing
Function Matte
Durability Toughened for increased strength and safety
Customization Can be customized with designs, patterns

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

Shower enclosures: Sandblasted tempered glass is a popular choice for shower enclosures, offering a sophisticated and elegant touch while also providing safety.

Office partitions: Sandblasted tempered glass can be used to create partitions in offices and commercial spaces to provide privacy while still allowing natural light to pass through.

Furniture: Sandblasted tempered glass can be used as tabletops for desks, coffee tables, and other furniture pieces to create a unique and modern look.




Q: Is sandblasted tempered glass easy to clean?

A: Yes, sandblasted tempered glass can be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild glass cleaner.

Q: How durable is sandblasted tempered glass?

A: Sandblasted tempered glass is very durable, as it is much stronger than regular glass and less prone to breaking or shattering.

Q: Can sandblasted tempered glass be used outdoors?

A: Yes, sandblasted tempered glass can be used outdoors, but it is important to properly seal the edges and keep the glass clean and dry to prevent any water damage.


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