Electric Privacy Glass

Electric Privacy Glass is a type of glass that can change from transparent to opaque with the application of an electrical current. This glass contains a special film or layer that, when activated, alters its transparency, effectively providing privacy on demand. It is controlled through switches, remote controls, or smart systems, allowing users to adjust the level of opacity to suit their privacy needs. Electric privacy glass is often used in offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and residential spaces to create flexible, dynamic privacy solutions while maintaining a modern and sleek aesthetic.

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Electric privacy glass is a smart solution for maintaining privacy and control over the light entering a room. With the flip of a switch, this glass can turn from transparent to opaque, creating a barrier that blocks out prying eyes. Ideal for use in conference rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, electric privacy glass offers the ultimate in convenience and style.

Parameter Value
Type of Glass Laminated or tempered
Glass Thickness Varies from 5 mm to 12 mm
Transparency Level Adjustable between transparent and opaque
Operating Voltage 110-220V AC
Power Consumption 5-10 W per square meter

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.


Transportation: Electric privacy glass is used in various types of transportation, such as in airplanes and cars. It can be used to provide privacy to passengers or to control the amount of sunlight that enters the cabin.

Retail spaces: Electric privacy glass can be used in retail spaces, such as storefronts, to create an interactive and engaging experience for customers.




Q: What is electric privacy glass?

A: Electric privacy glass is a type of smart glass that can be switched from transparent to opaque with the use of an electrical current. It is commonly used for privacy, as it can be used to block the view of an interior space from the outside.

Q: How does electric privacy glass work?

A: Electric privacy glass works by utilizing a special technology called electrochromism. When an electrical current is applied, the glass changes from transparent to opaque, allowing for privacy.

Q: What are the benefits of electric privacy glass?

A: The benefits of electric privacy glass include increased privacy, control over the amount of natural light that enters a space, and a sleek and modern design.


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