Decorative Glass for Windows and Doors

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Decorative glass for windows and doors: Artistic and customized glass designs that enhance the aesthetics of windows and doors. These unique glass panels can feature patterns, textures, colors, or stained glass elements, adding visual appeal and personalization to homes and buildings.

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Decorative glass is a beautiful and versatile option for adding visual interest and character to windows and doors. From stained glass to etched glass, beveled glass, textured glass, leaded glass, and fused glass, there are many different types of decorative glass to choose from. Whether you’re looking for privacy, light control, or simply to add a unique touch to your home or office, decorative glass can help you achieve your desired look.

Type of Decorative Glass


Maximum Size

Color Options

Design Options

Privacy Level

Stained Glass




Traditional to Contemporary

Low to Medium

Etched Glass


Clear, Frosted, Tinted

Clear, Frosted, Tinted

Custom Text and Graphics


Beveled Glass


Clear, Bronze, Gray

Clear, Bronze, Gray

Geometric and Floral Patterns

Low to Medium

Textured Glass


Clear, Bronze, Gray, Frosted

Clear, Bronze, Gray, Frosted

Ribbed, Seeded, Frosted, and More


Leaded Glass


Clear, Bronze, Gray

Clear, Bronze, Gray

Custom Lead Caming

Low to Medium

Fused Glass


48″ x 96″

Custom Colors

Custom Designs and Textures

Low to Medium

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.


Residential windows and doors: Decorative glass can be used in residential windows and doors to add a unique and personalized touch to the home. Stained glass or beveled glass can be used in entryways or transom windows to create a grand entrance.

Commercial buildings: Decorative glass can be used in commercial buildings to add visual interest and create a professional and elegant atmosphere. Etched glass can be used in office doors or partitions to create privacy while still maintaining an open feel.




Q: What is decorative glass?

A: Decorative glass is a type of glass that has been designed or modified to add visual interest and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a window or door. It can be used for privacy, light control, or as a decorative accent.

Q: What are some types of decorative glass?

A: There are many types of decorative glass, including stained glass, etched glass, beveled glass, textured glass, and leaded glass. Each type of decorative glass has its own unique characteristics and can be used to achieve a variety of design effects.

Q: Can decorative glass be used for privacy?

A: Yes, decorative glass can be used for privacy by using textured or frosted glass or by incorporating designs that obscure the view. This can be particularly useful for windows or doors that face a busy street or a neighboring property.

4 reviews for Decorative Glass for Windows and Doors

  1. Charles

    I like the bright colors that are just as pictured and fast delivery.

  2. Heather L.

    I absolutely love the colours in this piece. The edge designs are awesome.Definitely recommend!

  3. Susan Erbs

    I was very pleased with the quality of this pane. I have several and this is my favorite! Highly recommend!

  4. Arturo J. Ferreira

    Arrived in perfect shape. Looks exactly the way described. Colors are beautiful and quality is amazing!

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