Clear Anti slip Glass

Clear Anti-Slip Glass is a specialized glass that maintains transparency while providing a slip-resistant surface. It’s commonly used in areas where safety and visibility are paramount, such as staircases, walkways, and commercial spaces. The glass surface is treated or textured to create traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls without compromising on aesthetics or light transmission.

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Our clear anti-slip glass is made using advanced technology that creates a micro-etched surface that provides excellent slip resistance without sacrificing clarity. This glass is perfect for applications where safety and aesthetics are equally important, such as glass floors, bridges, and landings.Clear anti-slip glass is a high-performance product that provides exceptional slip resistance in wet or oily conditions.

Parameter Value
Color Clear
Thickness Typically 6mm – 10mm
Size Customizable, often available in large sheets
Surface treatment Anti-slip coating (e.g. silicone, epoxy, sandblasting)
Material Glass (usually tempered)

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.


The products can be widely used in glass floors, Bridges, platforms and other application scenarios.

In a home bathroom, clear anti-slip glass can be used for shower enclosures, bath mats, and floor tiles to prevent slips and falls. This glass can also be used for bathtub enclosures to provide slip resistance and improve safety.




Q: Where is clear anti-slip glass typically used?

A: Clear anti-slip glass is often used in commercial or industrial settings, such as on stairs, ramps, or walkways in public buildings or warehouses. It may also be used in residential settings, such as in bathrooms or on outdoor decks.

Q: Is clear anti-slip glass safe to walk on?

A: Yes, clear anti-slip glass is designed to be slip-resistant and safe to walk on. However, it is important to follow proper safety procedures and use caution when walking on any surface, including clear anti-slip glass.

Q: How do you clean clear anti-slip glass?

A: Clear anti-slip glass can be cleaned using standard glass cleaning products. It is important to avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that could scratch the surface.


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