Float Tinted Glass

  • Sleek Aesthetics: Elevate your design with modern and stylish tinted glass options.
  • Privacy Enhancement: Enjoy enhanced privacy without sacrificing natural light.
  • UV Protection: Safeguard interiors from harmful UV rays, reducing fading of furnishings.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for windows, doors, and architectural elements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Tinted glass can contribute to controlling heat gain and loss.
  • Delivery Time: 10-40 days(the exact time depends on destination country)
  • Departure Port: Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou(or other ports based on customer requirements)
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Product Description

    Float Tinted Glass offers the perfect blend of style and functionality, providing enhanced privacy, UV protection, and a sleek, modern look. Explore the versatile applications and elevate your design with the contemporary appeal of tinted glass.

Product Parameters

Thickness3mm-12mm, 3mm-8mm
SizeCustom Sizes
ColorAs per request
StyleModern Style
EdgeFine Polished Edge
FabricationFine Polished Edge
ApplicationAs per request

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

Product Show

Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass

Why Choose Float Tinted Glass?

  • Stylish Design: Elevate your space with the modern aesthetic of tinted glass.
  • Privacy Solutions: Enjoy enhanced privacy without sacrificing natural light.
  • UV Protection: Protect furnishings and interiors from harmful UV rays.
  • Energy Efficiency: Contribute to energy efficiency by controlling heat and glare.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial projects.

Product Application

Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass
Float Tinted Glass

Product Advantages

  • Residential Windows: Add a touch of sophistication while maintaining privacy.
  • Commercial Facades: Create a modern and professional look for commercial buildings.
  • Interior Partitions: Enhance privacy within office spaces without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Doors and Entrances: Make a statement with tinted glass doors for a sleek and contemporary entrance.

Product Factory

Factory Details

The fully automatic production line greatly improves production efficiency and ensures that the product manufacturing process is more efficient.

Factory Details

Strictly control each production process to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Factory Details

Use advanced production technology, efficient manufacturing, and rapid delivery.

Factory Details

Relying on rich production experience, we are committed to presenting you with glass products of better quality. Excellent quality starts with deep experience.

Product Packaging

Product Transport


Q1: What is Float Tinted Glass?

A1: Float Tinted Glass is a type of glass that undergoes a tinting process during manufacturing, resulting in a range of stylish and modern glass options. The tinting provides benefits such as enhanced privacy, UV protection, and a sleek aesthetic.

Q2: How does Float Tinted Glass enhance privacy?

A2: The tinted coloration in the glass reduces the transparency, making it more difficult for outsiders to see into the space. This enhances privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Q3: What are the key features of Float Tinted Glass?


  • Stylish Aesthetics: Float Tinted Glass adds a modern and sleek look to windows and architectural elements.
  • Privacy Enhancement: Provides a level of privacy by reducing visibility from the outside.
  • UV Protection: Shields interiors from harmful UV rays, protecting furnishings from fading.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various uses, including windows, doors, and partitions.
  • Energy Efficiency: Contributes to energy efficiency by controlling heat gain and glare.

Q4: Can Float Tinted Glass be used in residential applications?

A4: Absolutely. Float Tinted Glass is a popular choice for residential windows, doors, and interior partitions. It adds a touch of sophistication to home design while providing enhanced privacy.

Q5: How does Float Tinted Glass contribute to energy efficiency?

A5: Tinted glass can help control heat gain and loss, making it more energy-efficient. By reducing glare and blocking UV rays, it helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature, potentially reducing the need for excessive cooling or heating.

Q6: Is Float Tinted Glass customizable?

A6: Yes, Float Tinted Glass is often customizable in terms of tint intensity and color. This allows for flexibility in meeting specific design preferences and project requirements.

Q7: What are the applications of Float Tinted Glass in commercial spaces?

A7: Float Tinted Glass is commonly used in commercial facades, doors, and windows to create a modern and professional aesthetic. It’s also suitable for interior partitions within office spaces.

Q8: Does Float Tinted Glass block natural light?

A8: While Float Tinted Glass reduces the intensity of natural light, it doesn’t block it entirely. The tint is designed to balance privacy and light transmission, providing a comfortable and well-lit interior.

Q9: How do I clean and maintain Float Tinted Glass?

A9: Maintenance is similar to regular glass. Cleaning with a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth is typically sufficient. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the tinted surface.

Q10: Where can I purchase Float Tinted Glass for my project?

A10: Float Tinted Glass is available through various glass suppliers and manufacturers. Local glass retailers or specialized suppliers can provide information on availability, customization options, and pricing.


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