Anti slip Glass Table Top

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Anti-Slip Glass Table Top is a glass surface designed to prevent items from slipping or sliding on a table. It typically features a treatment or textured finish that adds friction and traction. This prevents dishes, glassware, and other objects from moving around easily, enhancing stability and safety. It’s a practical choice for dining tables, coffee tables, and other glass surfaces to prevent accidents and spills while maintaining an elegant appearance.

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Our anti-slip glass table tops are perfect for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, and balconies, where slips and falls are a common concern. Our anti-slip glass table tops is resistant to the elements and is specifically designed to provide excellent slip resistance, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space safely and comfortably.

Parameter Value
Thickness 6-12mm
Light Transmission 80%-90%
Impact Resistance Meets or exceeds industry standards
Glass Size Customizable to fit specific applications
Edge Finish Flat polished, beveled, or seamed

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

Anti-slip glass table tops can be used to prevent accidents and improve safety. 

Anti-slip glass table tops can be used to improve safety and reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

Anti-slip glass table tops can be used for dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables to provide a stylish and safe surface for meals and entertaining.




Q: What is anti-slip glass table top?

A: An anti-slip glass table top is a type of tempered or laminated glass with a special surface treatment designed to provide slip resistance. This glass is commonly used for dining tables, coffee tables, and other furniture where safety and aesthetics are important.

Q: How does anti-slip glass table top work?

A: Anti-slip glass table tops have a textured surface that provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet or oily. This surface treatment is achieved through a variety of methods, including acid etching, sandblasting, or adding a special coating to the glass.

Q: Is anti-slip glass table top safe?

A: Yes, anti-slip glass table tops are designed to be safe and provide slip resistance to prevent accidents. The glass is tempered or laminated for added strength and durability, and the textured surface provides excellent slip resistance without compromising transparency or aesthetics.

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  1. Heinz Pierce

    This item was shipped perfectly intact and is ready to use.

  2. Bennie

    Reasonable priced, dead flat. Very good just what I was looking for.

  3. Orville

    Does what I need it to do.Perfect!Packaged well and arrived quick.

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