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Anti-slip Glass is a safety-enhancing material treated to prevent slipping. Commonly used in flooring, showers, and wet areas, it provides traction and reduces the risk of accidents, particularly in environments where moisture poses a hazard. It offers both functionality and aesthetics.

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Looking for a solution to slippery surfaces? Anti-slip glass is the answer! This innovative type of glass features a textured surface that provides excellent traction, even when wet. Perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, such as showers, public restrooms, and swimming pools, anti-slip glass offers a safe and stylish alternative to traditional slip-resistant materials.

Parameter Value
Glass Type Tempered glass
Thickness 4mm to 19mm
Size Customizable
Edge Type Polished, beveled, bullnosed, OG, mitred
Safety Features Shatterproof, impact-resistant, slip-resistant

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.


Anti-slip glass is the ideal solution for slippery surfaces, and can be found in many applications. Some popular uses include: 

Shower stalls and bathtub surrounds 

Public restrooms and locker rooms 

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and water parks 

Stairways and walkways

Kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes




Q: What is anti-slip glass made of?

A: Anti-slip glass is made of tempered glass with a unique textured surface.

Q: Where is anti-slip glass commonly installed?

A: Anti-slip glass is commonly installed in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as showers, public restrooms, swimming pools, and walkways.

Q: Is anti-slip glass difficult to clean?

A: No, anti-slip glass is easy to clean and maintain, just like regular glass.

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    Completley satisfied with this glass product. The sales team were friendly , helpfull and efficient. delivery being amazingly quick

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    It’s my second deal with the Supplier. I’m fully satisfied with this.

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    perfect job, professional contact and fast delivery!

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    It was very satisfied. In particular, the supplier’s service was excellent.

  5. Ralph

    Good quality product. Good customer service and follow up. Pleasure to work with.

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