Active Blue Self Cleaning Glass

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Active Blue self-cleaning glass is a high-performance glazing solution with a blue tint. It features a special coating, often made of titanium dioxide (TiO2), that breaks down organic matter on the glass’s surface when exposed to sunlight. This self-cleaning effect, combined with the blue tint, makes it ideal for windows and facades in modern buildings, offering not only cleanliness but also an appealing aesthetic with improved energy efficiency.

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Active blue self-cleaning glass is a high-performance glass that has a special coating designed to repel dirt and water, making it easier to clean and maintain. Active blue self-cleaning glass has a blue tint that not only enhances the appearance of buildings but also helps to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters a building, which can help to lower energy costs.




3mm to 12mm


Standard or customized

Coating type

Pyrolytic or hydrophilic


Blue tint

Solar control

Reduces heat and energy costs

Note: The parameter values may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer.


Greenhouses: Active blue self-cleaning glass is also used in greenhouses to maintain a clean and clear surface, allowing for maximum light transmission to the plants.

Building windows: Active blue self-cleaning glass is commonly used in building windows, especially in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. It helps to reduce the need for manual cleaning and maintenance, which can be difficult and costly in these types of structures.




Q: Is active blue self-cleaning glass expensive?

A: Active blue self-cleaning glass can be more expensive than traditional glass, but the cost may be offset by the savings in maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, the improved energy efficiency may result in lower energy costs over time.

Q: How long does active blue self-cleaning glass last?

A: The lifespan of active blue self-cleaning glass depends on factors such as the quality of the glass and the amount of sunlight it receives. Generally, the self-cleaning properties of the glass can last for several years with proper maintenance.

Q: Can active blue self-cleaning glass be used in all types of buildings?

A: Yes, active blue self-cleaning glass can be used in a variety of building types, including commercial and residential buildings. It is particularly useful in high-rise buildings where manual cleaning can be difficult and costly.

3 reviews for Active Blue Self Cleaning Glass

  1. Albert

    Nice colors & pretty easy to cut. Wonderful packing and beautiful color.

  2. Daniel

    Great color and good size for projects. It came fast, was intact and well packaged, and had good protective covering on both sides.

  3. Lee

    The blue glass has a beautiful pattern to it and would be perfect as sky. The color is exactly what the picture shows.

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