About Us

CrysTop Glass is a leading glass solutions provider specializing in the design and manufacture of premium glass products for residential and commercial applications. We are committed to delivering exceptional glass solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We are proud to serve customers from 140+ countries in a variety of industries, including architecture, construction, and interior design.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to produce high-quality glass products to the highest standards of precision and durability. Our range of glass products includes tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, decorative glass, safety glass,float glass and custom glass, all of which are designed to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.

Here are some key numbers about CrysTop Glass:

  • 2,000+ employees dedicated to quality and service
  • 250,000+ square feet of manufacturing space
  • 500,000+ square feet of warehouse space for inventory and storage
  • 30+ production lines for efficient and high-capacity manufacturing
  • 99.9% on-time delivery rate
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate based on customer surveys
  • 140+ countries’ customers

At CrysTop Glass, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible glass products and services. CrysTop Glass has been recognized with numerous industry awards. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver custom-tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.